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Polish Design: In the Middle of

The exhibition Polish Design, curated by Izabela Bołoz, presented a selection of works by 30 new and more established Polish designers. Brought together in this way, their projects provided an insight into the potential of Polish design and the mindset of Polish designers. Polish design currently finds itself in an ever-changing landscape. It is on the move, evolving and exploring fresh, individual directions. It is in the middle of transition, reflection, inspiration and innovation.

Polish values lied at the heart of this exhibition concept. In Polish culture and tradition, qualities such as hospitality and social relationships are considered very important. It is therefore only fitting that the exhibition take the form of a long table, the very heart of a Polish home. A table is commonly a meeting place − a space for long discussions accompanied by great food. Similarly, the exhibition not only showcased Polish design but also created a platform for interaction and conversation.

See the exhibition catalog here.

Date 2014
Client Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Place Dutch Design Week
Cooperation Anita Wasik — graphic design | Sneeze — scenography
Curator Izabela Bołoz
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