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Relax in Lodz

The Relax in Lodz bench is an unusual urban furniture designed by Studio Izabela Bołoz with expressive illustrations by Kasia Bogucka. The innovation in the project was the use of ceramic tiles as a decorative material.

The furniture consists of five figures that form a modular block. In the design of the bench, 400 precision-cut, glazed tiles of various shades were used to clever effect in this public space. The friendly Iroko wood used on the seat surfaces invites both travelers and residents to rest comfortably before moving on.

The installation was created at the invitation of Łódź Design Festival and in cooperation with Ceramika Paradyż.

Date 2019
Client Lodz Design Festival & Ceramika Paradyż
Place Lodz Design Festival
Cooperation Kasia Bogucka — graphic design
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