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This curatorial project addresses the dichotomy between “me” and “we” in our lives.

In these current times, in which we’ve venerated the individual, “me” often takes priority. Our most important goals have shifted inward, to self-development and finding a sense of fulfillment. We seek to understand ourselves better, build self-esteem and communicate clearly our desires and attitudes. But can the happiness of “me” exist without the happiness of “we”?

This dichotomy between “me” and “we” can be found in many contexts: our family, the local and global community – between us and the citizens of our country, foreigners, residents of the Third World. Many problems of the modern world could be solved in a systemic way through actions in which whole communities are involved. It turns out, however, that individuals seeking to achieve their own desires and goals are not easily called to collective action.

Do “me” and “we” have to stand in opposition? Can they coexist? Objects presented in the exhibition may not answer these questions clearly, but rather show what happens when the scale tilts too much to one side, and also what can be gained when the “me” remembers
that he or she is just another part of all of us. The exhibition implores us to think about where our joy and contentment is derived from – and how powerful it can be when it’s shared.

See the exhibition catalogue here.

Date 2019
Client Gdynia Design Centre
Place Gdynia Design Days
Cooperation Anita Wasik — graphic design
Curator Izabela Bołoz
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