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Young Polish Designers: Studies in Reality

Young Polish Designers: Studies in Reality presents the works by 28 freshly graduated Polish designers for creating a better society through design. The alumni from the design departments of eight public art schools show their solutions to improve our world in a smart, aesthetic, and responsible way.
The common denominator among the selected works is the authors’ approach to their surrounding reality. The graduates thoroughly analyze the world and its inherent challenges and propose creative approaches to what they find. Many projects emphasize the importance of intimacy in everyday life, raising awareness of physical diversity, stressing the importance of relationships with people and the passing of loved ones. Another interesting focal point are the designs coupling healthcare and design, with creators offering solutions for people who are ill or disabled. The young designers embrace innovative and traditional materials, with ecology in mind. All of these make for a collection that not only shines as a concept, but also inspires hope for the future.
See the exhibition catalog here.
Date 2019
Client Academic Design Center
Place Dutch Design Week
Cooperation Anita Wasik — graphic project | Sneeze — scenography
Curator Izabela Bołoz
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